The Benefits

KōFERT Benefits

Our unique mixed seaweed formulation delivers a highly concentrated source of amino acids, carbohydrates, trace elements, minerals and naturally occurring bio-stimulants to improve plant growth and soil biology.

Gain the most benefit of our liquid seaweed tonic when spraying directly onto leaves where any residue then filters down onto the soil where it is just as readily absorbed by the root system.

Use as a root soak before planting out or spray directly onto the ground to encourage healthy root growth.

Extensive research confirms that liquid plant food and fertilisers are more readily absorbed meaning less leaching or waste into the environment.

KōFERT does not lead to or facilitate nitrogen run-off.

Seaweed has been traditionally used for thousands of years to provide a full range of chelated nutrients.

Benefits of Seaweed

It is well known that plants need a range of readily available macro and micro nutrients for growth and development.Plants take up essential elements and minerals from the soil through their roots and from the air through their leaves. When there is a shortage or absence of these essential elements in the surrounding environment, the plant cannot perform necessary biological processes and hence plant growth/development is affected.Different seaweeds contain all the essential amino acids, trace elements, minerals, carbohydrates and bio-stimulants needed for plant and soil nutrition. Our unique formulation of mixed seaweeds delivers a highly concentrated tonic with the maximum benefits for your plants and land.

Benefits of Liquid Feeding

Extensive research worldwide has proven that plants attain a large portion of essential elements and minerals through their leaves. This has lead to the development of liquid tonics for applying to the foliage and directly to the roots as a more rapid method for plants to absorb the essential elements and minerals needed.

Liquid applications also ensure reduced leaching and waste into the environment. KōFERT does not lead to or facilitate nitrogen run-off. Any application not absorbed by the leaves drips down to the soil where it is readily taken up by the roots.

Compare this to solid fertilisers which sit around for some time before they break down where they may or may not be taken up by the soil and plants.