Kōfert Applications

KōFERT can be used as a foliar feed as it is compatible with most fungicides insecticides and/or as a root feed. KōFERT is also used successfully as a root soak in transplant work and can be used as a supplement to your present feeding programme.

KōFERT does not lead to or facilitate nitrogen run-off.

Planting Out

To stimulate rapid establishment of plants and reduce transplanting shock, soak your plants in KōFERT overnight before planting out:

  • Bio-Base: Dilute with water 1:50
  • Bio-Plus: Dilute with water 1:300

Foliage Spray

For best results, apply regularly as a foliage spray to all leaf areas ideally in the later part of the day. Apply by spray application or watering can and ensure complete foliage cover until spray drips from leaves. Avoid spraying in the heat of the day:

  • Bio-Base: Dilute with water between 1:50 and 1:100
  • Bio-Plus: Dilute with water 1:500