Kōfert Plant & Soil Nutrition

enhancing nature from soil to plant

Our unique range of combination seaweed soil and plant nutrition products has been specifically formulated to naturally enhance your local environment. Whether you are looking to provide your kiwifruit vines with essential nutrients, or increase the amount of bio available minerals in your pasture, KōFERT has a formulation and recommended application to match your agriculture or horticulture goals.

Find out more here about the incredible benefits of using seaweed on your land and crops.

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Our products

A great organic plant and soil tonic formulated for plant and soil vitality, structure and function, with no harmful residues.


Has the addition of 9-4-6 NPK resulting in improved foliage growth, ideal for use in a wide range of pastoral and horticultural applications.


Latest News

We are now proud to be BioGro input-certified, which means our KŌFERT can be used in organic farming operations.
As more farmers realise the advantages of using natural and organic products on their land, we find ourselves rediscovering techniques and solutions which have been around for thousands of years. Except this time around, science and technology have…
They say money doesn’t grow on trees but it is virtually washing up on our beaches around New Zealand. With a global shortage of high quality Agar making headlines worldwide, seaweed processing factories in Opotiki and Masterton are reaching out to our…